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Day2 Juice Cleanse #juicing #cleanse #rawdiet #dieting #naturalcures
Healthy by Heather

Day2 Juice Cleanse #juicing #cleanse #rawdiet #dieting #naturalcures

Another day, another 5 juices down. I have to admit day two was easier than day one. Not only with the cravings to actually put food in my mouth but in the entire process. Since we spent all of Sunday prepping all the ingredients things went much smoother today. It still requires a lot of timing and cleaning of the juicer but it wasn’t as bad as day 1.

Lets talk about the idea that there is weight loss with this cleanse. I guess for some it is basic science. If you’re reducing your calories enough you’ll lose weight. One pound of fat equals 3500 calories. So if you typically consume a diet over 2000 calories a day you’re going to lose weight. For me, I’m not really seeing this. I am 5’1” and 117lbs when I started this cleanse. I am having 5 juices a day (thanks to Joe Cross’ juice cleanse from Dr. Oz) that have a total calorie count of about 1300 calories. With that being said, Brian and I kicked off day 2 by jumping on the scale and he was down 2.5 lbs. Me on the other hand, I was only down 1lb. I’m pretty sure this isn’t from the calorie reduction either because I know I don’t consume more than 1500 calories a day thanks to tracking with my Fitbit. Maybe it’s from the frequent trips to the bathroom that I spoke of in my first post or the fact that there is nothing solid left in my system. I’m not 100% sure.

I would also like to talk about the horrific headaches. I mean terrible and for most of the day. Oh yeah and you aren’t supposed to take anything for them because you’re following a detoxification diet. By the time I went to bed it was so bad I couldn’t stand any more lights or noises. These headaches are from the release of toxins into the body to be flushed out with all the urination you’ll be doing. The only remedy I could find was to drink more water. Really? I don’t want to drink more water. I can barely stop peeing as it is! Forget about getting my usual 50-60 oz of water. I am getting around 24 additional oz of water besides the juices and it’s hard for me to get that much down.

There is also a benefit of having better skin. I can’t even recall the amount of people that told me if I start juicing my psoriasis would go away. Well so far after two days the patches I am experiencing are not going away at all. Maybe this is a long-term side effect. I’ll have to keep everyone posted later on this.

As of the end of day 2 I am not a strong believer of any benefit of this cleanse. I do not have more energy, my skin isn’t clearing up, and I have terrible headaches. I’ll give my final report at the end of day 3! Stay tuned.

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