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Juicing-Day 3 #itsfinallyover #juicing #rawdiet #cleanse #dieting
Healthy by Heather

Juicing-Day 3 #itsfinallyover #juicing #rawdiet #cleanse #dieting

It’s finally over. After what felt like an eternity I am very excited to eat food again not just drink it. I woke up this morning and weighed myself. To my disappointment I only lost 2 lbs. I know this was only a 3 day detox but I was secretly hoping for more. Especially, since Brian lost 5.5 lbs. He is a lot bigger than I am but I am bummed. I gave up all the things I love eating and don’t feel like I received much from it.

The most positive benefit I’ve noticed is I’m not bloated anymore. I am not a firm believer that this detox did anything except test my willpower. I don’t have clearer skin, my energy is the same, and it came with a side of headaches. I think that if you’re feeling sluggish, have weight to lose, or want to test yourself then go ahead and give it a try. Just keep in mind that you can lose weight and detoxify your body in other ways. For example with your diet. Decreasing your calorie content, increasing fruits and vegetables and lean meats, and limiting grains will lead to weight loss. Fruits and  vegetables are also a great source or Vitamins and minerals and low in calories so you can eat more without any guilt.

The past 3 days have been a serious test of my willpower and this challenge reconfirmed that the only thing stopping me in reaching my goals is myself. The mind is a very powerful organ and it can be our biggest enemy as well. Often times we let people, negative thoughts, and fear get in our way. I usually never state a new years resolution but this year that is changing. I am opting to not let anyone or anything get in my way. This is my year. I can accomplish anything! Once settled in south Florida I will open my own training studio. I will be a successful businesswoman, wife, and in time mother.

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