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Like Drinking Games? How about a Workout Game! #workoutgame #skinnyjeans #skinny

Operation Skinny Jeans!  This is a great workout game for you and a friend:

Here are the rules:

Draw a card.  It’s simple.  The number on the card tells you how many reps to do, and what exercise to complete.  It’s easy:

If it is a 9 of Hearts, you are planking for 9 seconds!

4 of Spades, then you are doing 4 air squats

8 of Clubs, get down and do 8 situps

6 of Diamonds, hit the ground and do 6 pushups.

What to do with a face card? Each face card drawn, gives you a 10 second rest.

If you get an ACE, you get to GIVE it to your friend to do 10 reps of whatever you choose.  Have fun!

52 card sweat

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