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Obesity Now Declared a Disease! #obesity #epidemic #weightloss #activeliving #healthyliving #fitnessforlife #letsmove #exerciseasmedicine
Healthy by Heather

Obesity Now Declared a Disease! #obesity #epidemic #weightloss #activeliving #healthyliving #fitnessforlife #letsmove #exerciseasmedicine

News Alert!! The American Medical Association has finally declared obesity as a disease! Hopefully this will lead doctors to start prescribing exercise as the treatment, not just medical procedures, diet drugs, and nutrition!

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Our society is so focused on a quick fix even though that’s all they are. A quick fix is simply a bandaid over the real issue. So lets get down to what really needs to happen, EXERCISE!!

When I speak of exercise I don’t necessarily mean logging hours at the gym. Although as a personal trainer I am an advocate of resistance and cardio training. You can combat obesity from your home if the gym isn’t of interest to you. All you have to do is get moving. There are so many ways to get exercise at home from dvds, downloadable workouts, gaming consoles, etc, that there really isn’t an excuse for inactivity. How about going for a walk, riding your bike to the store instead of driving (there are baskets you can put on them to carry your purchases), playing your favorite sport with friends and family, maybe organizing a neighborhood softball game or hiking trip. We need to get moving people!

Current national guidelines recommend adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity per week (30 minutes 5 days per week) or 75 minutes of high intensity activity (25 minutes 3 days a week). There  has been recent studies that have shown that even small bouts of activity for a minimum of ten minutes at a time throughout the day can be beneficial and help combat obesity. Don’t forget about resistance training to keep your body strong! Below is a breakdown of the guidelines for strength and cardiovascular health.


So, next time you’re at work sitting at your desk try this out: At the top of the hour, every hour, get up and go for a brisk walk around the office, or do some jumping jacks, incline push-ups leaning on the edge of your desk, crunches, air squats etcetera in your cubicle. Yeah people might look at you a little funny for exercising in the office but it will help keep the blood moving, you’ll have more energy, and it will help battle the bulge! Obesity has a long list of negative effects on the body and we cannot keep ignoring them.


Hypertension, cancer, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, breathing problems, depression, diabetes are just some examples. The scary thing is that we are starting to see these diseases that are typically adult onset diseases in our children. So if you don’t get active for yourself do it for the people you are a role model for! You won’t just be benefiting yourself the younger generation will benefit as well!


Exercise has many benefits that I don’t even know where to start. How about increased blood flow, increased energy levels throughout the day, decrease likelihood of cardiovascular disease, increased strength and flexibility, increased ability to live in your home at old age. Do I need to go on? Who needs medical treatments and diet pills? All we really need is proper nutrition and exercise to battle this ever growing epidemic.

So Lets Get Moving!!


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