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Healthy by Heather


Getting healthy is affordable for anyone who is looking to make a lifestyle change. Whether you are looking to get some advice and workout tips a couple times per month or are training for a specific event or sport, I have a plan that will fit your budget!

All sessions are 1 hour and are personalized to skill level and individual goals. Each package listed is based on how many days per week you want to train in the month.Pricing for training more than 3 days a week can be discussed upon meeting.

Sessions Price
1 Session $45
4 Sessions $160
8 Sessions $280
12 Sessions $360

Doubles Training Sessions

Pair up and pay less per session. Sessions must be completed together. They will still be personalized but are a great way to save a couple bucks and have

fun working out with a friend. All sessions are an hour in length and are broken down based on the number of sessions per week for one month.

Sessions Price
1 Session $80 ($40 per person)
4 Sessions $280 ($35 per session/person, 1 session/week)
8 Sessions $480 ($30 per session/person, 2 sessions/week)
12 Sessions $600 ($25 per session/person, 3 sessions/week)

Private, In Home Training

Not comfortable in a big athletic club or gym environment? I can come to you! If you have a garage, living room, backyard, community gym, or even like working out in the park, then you have a gym.  I have a wide range of equipment to ensure that you can get a great workout!

Sessions Price
1 Session $55 per session
4 Sessions $210 ($52.50 per session,1 session/week)
8 Sessions $400 ($50 per session, 2 sessions/week)
12 Sessions $540 ($45 per session, 3 sessions/week)

Packages Include:

  • Personalized sessions (Each session will be programmed for your individual needs and skill level to help reach fitness goals.)
  • Fitness testing (Submaximal VO2 testing is done to determine how well your body is utilizing oxygen, 1rep max testing determines maximum strength, and flexibility testing is done to determine level of flexibility. All of these factors are important in building a well rounded exercise program)
  • Base calories needed (This is how many calories your body will need just to stay alive. In conjunction with this number we are able to determine how many calories a day should be consumed based on activity level.)
  • Nutrition assessment (Clients will keep a food journal that will be analyzed to determine where changes can be made to maximize health)
  • Meal planning and substitutions (Along with the nutritional assessment, ideas and substitutions for ones favorite meals will be suggested)
  • Grocery shopping trip (This is an option included in monthly packages where the client and I will go grocery shopping to learn about reading food labels, healthy substitutions, and shopping based on the 4 food groups)
  • Information on how to accurately read food labels (Often times people don’t know what they’re looking at when reviewing nutrition labels and how much of each nutrient they should be getting. Total calories, fat, carbohydrates, and proteins will be discussed)
  • Body fat testing (This will be calculated using skinfold calipers. Measurements of skin thickness are taken at 7 sites and used to determine body fatness. This number will be compared to normative values and can be used to determine how many pounds of body fat someone is carrying. From there if the number is undesirable we can determine what the weight should be for the desired body fat percentage.)

Training Specialities:

  • Weight management & weight loss
  • Strength training (Strength training will include dumbbells, barbells, hammer strength and nautilus machines, free motion machines, and tubing)
  • Muscle hypertrophy (increase in muscle size)
  • Cardiorespiratory training (Training to increase the heart and lungs ability to transport oxygen throughout the body)
  • Circuit training (High intensity training moving through multiple exercises back to back with minimal rest in between circuits. An example would be 15 squats, 15 pushups, 15 bent over rows, 15 dips, and 15 burpees back to back with minimal rest. Once the circuit is over you start again from the begining)
  • Interval training (High intensity exercise for a short period with a period of rest. An example of this would be 30 seconds of pushups with 10 seconds of rest then 30 seconds of squats and 10 seconds of rest and so on.)
  • Olympic lifting (Power and hang positions for the clean, jerk, and snatch lifts, strict and push presses)
  • Balance training (Increase balance using the bosu ball, stability ball, and medicine balls)

Types of Payments accepted: