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WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger Went Undercover To Pump You Up
Healthy by Heather

WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger Went Undercover To Pump You Up

It’s been a crazy few years for Arnold Schwarzenegger, who went from actor to politician to father-of-his-housekeeper’s-child. But just because his life has been packed with drama doesn’t mean he’s forgotten what really matters: keeping kids healthy.

In an effort to promote children’s fitness and raise money for the After-School All-Stars program, Arnold teamed up with Omaze (yes, the same charity site that organized the auction of the date with George Clooney) to go undercover as Howard, a character he describes as “a physical fitness instructor who has become a regional manager for Gold’s Gym.”
Donning a “Magnum, P.I.” mustache and Gold’s Gym uniform, the star took to the floor to help out unsuspecting gym-goers.

He checked people in. He handed people towels. He even coached one poor young woman on how to properly drink water (which, apparently, you should do in reps of 10).

While some people recognized him right away, others weren’t so sure.

“You look so familiar to me,” one blond woman notes. “Maybe you saw me on the FBI’s Most Wanted List,” Arnold quips without missing a beat. (See? He’s funny too.)

Mostly, though, he walks around “motivating” people with helpful reminders like, “This is Gold’s Gym. This is not a baby gym.” And in true Arnold fashion, he does take some time out from “working” to admire his vintage bodybuilding picture hanging on the wall — not that we blame him.

But this hilarious campaign isn’t all the former Terminator has going on. In a distinctly non-charity venture, Arnold will appear in Budweiser’s “Whatever Happens Next” Super Bowl ad, which — according to its promos — involves “412 actors, 58 hidden cameras, 5 rock stars, 4 celebrities,” and “1 unsuspecting guy.”

So while we’ll have to wait for the big game to see what Schwarzenegger’s role in that advertising masterpiece is exactly, one thing is becoming crystal clear: Arnold is back.


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