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What to pack in your post-workout gym bag #postworkout #gymstyle #fitspiration
Healthy by Heather

What to pack in your post-workout gym bag #postworkout #gymstyle #fitspiration

Most of us have a busy schedule, and working out is penciled in around a tight schedule.  Whether you are headed to grab your weekly groceries or you are picking the kids up from soccer practice, here are a few quick tips to keep you looking stylish post-workout.

1) Always pack a pair of studs.  After you work out, putting in a quick pair of studs is one of the easiest post-gym transformations you can make.

2) Not only is black slimming, it also hides sweat!  A dark tank top and pair of black leggings will shield you from awkward and sometimes embarrassing sweat stains.

3) For a pop of color, add a brightly colored sports bra or lace bralette.

4) Be sure to pack some dry shampoo unique to your hair color such as Batiste’s Dry Shampoo ($8 at Nordstrom).

5)  These fabric hair ties revolutionized the way women pull back their hair.  After spraying the dry shampoo, run your fingers through your hair (and, if possible, quickly blow it with the locker room hair dryer). Then, pull your hair up in a high bun or ponytail.

6-7) Since the all-black getup can look a little plain, always add color through your accessories!

8) Pack a light, healthy snack to eat in the car on the way to your next destination.  Pistachios are a great example.  They not only speed up your metabolism, but they are also loaded with Vitamin E.  Vitamin E is responsible for healthy hair, skin, and nails by protecting the body from UV damage and acts as a daily defense against aging and skin cancer.

Tomorrow’s Post: The healthiest post-workout snacks

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